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Hello, I'm Wendy

Registered Veterinary Nurse

I think that what is being created at Beacon VetCare is amazing. I love the independent community vibe that Beacon Vetcare has and I think that clients will too. Beacon Vetcare seems to really care about their staff and that is really important to me.

Clients' pets receive the highest level of care from a fantastic, knowledgeable team, providing 24hr care. Every pet's best interests are always put first. There's such a huge wealth of knowledge and with our unique mix of medical, surgical and referral work – who wouldn’t want their pets to be registered here?!

- Role in Beacon VetCare: Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN)

- Early life: Wendy grew up in Hertfordshire, and spent 39 years there before moving to Cornwall in 2021. She has been a veterinary nurse for many years, but did have a year out and worked at Holloway Women's Prison in London

- Education: Wendy attended the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) school of nursing in Potters Bar, and enjoyed all the hands-on practical elements, as well as anatomy and physiology lessons

- Pets: two dogs, Finn and Duke

(Wendy also had a pet goat growing up, who lived inside with the family dogs, was toilet trained and went for walks - much to the amusement of local passers-by!!!)

- Hobbies: coastal walking, reading, and watching crime documentaries

- Veterinary icks: Cleaning up phlegm, vomit and slobber

- Favourite music: power ballads!

- Why BeaconVetcare?

* It is a family run, independent veterinary practice

* The team is like a big happy family

Who else thinks pet goats should be the norm? Wendy is the one to ask for all your goat health and training advice!

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