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Hello, I'm Tracy

Registered Veterinary Nurse

I like a challenge and love working for a friendly independent practice, with people that care about the animals and actually know their staff! 

Beacon VetCare doesn't have the corporate 'conveyor belt' attitude to clients. Everyone who comes in to see us is treated as a valued individual client whose pet will be treated as one of the family.

- Role in Beacon VetCare: Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN). Tracy can be found in consultations for routine health appointments, as well as "out the back" caring for sick pets in hospital

- Early life: Tracy grew up near Cheltenham, alongside many pets including 1 pony, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 chickens, 2 ducks, 2 ferrets and a pet lamb. Tracy decided from aged 4 that she wanted to be a veterinary nurse, after a local farmer invited her to help feed the orphaned lambs, and she nursed a crippled lamb back to health

- Education: Tracy lived and worked in a vet practice from aged 16 and started her training whilst waiting for her GCSE results. She then went on to study at Langford (Bristol University)

- Pets: 3 working cocker spaniels (who are incredibly cute and cheeky!)

- Hobbies: Tracy used to do Tetrathlon, so she still does horse riding, running, swimming when she can. She also enjoys visiting her favourite places in Cornwall including Holywell, Crantock + Polly Joke

Tracy also loves farm machinery - big tractors and combines, and loves watching them in the fields surrounding the practice

- Veterinary icks: Eye removals

- Why BeaconVetcare?

* Everyone who comes into Beacon Vets will be treated as a valued individual

* Pets' treatment will be tailored to the individual, based on their needs, not based on protocols

Tracy is so kind, and always gives 110% to nursing her patients back to health

She's also a feeder, and loves seeing a dog or cat eat for the first time again after illness or surgery - best feeling ever!

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