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Hello, I'm Tracey

Registered Veterinary Nurse

I think that what is being created at Beacon VetCare is amazing. I love the independent community vibe that Beacon Vetcare has and I think that clients will too. Beacon Vetcare seems to really care about their staff and that is really important to me.

Clients' pets receive the highest level of care from a fantastic, knowledgeable team, providing 24hr care. Every pet's best interests are always put first. There's such a huge wealth of knowledge and with our unique mix of medical, surgical and referral work – who wouldn’t want their pets to be registered here?!

My Story

Early background

I grew up in Falmouth and went to Beacon School.  I then moved to Blackwater just before starting secondary school, I spent secondary years at Richard Lander School. I always wanted a dog when I was young but my parents never allowed me to due to their long working hours – sensible but I didn’t believe that at the time. I thought were just being mean!

When and why did you first decide to become a vet nurse?

I didn’t decide to become a vet nurse until I was 24!! I left school and started working in hospitality because I just didn’t know what to do. I used to ride with a friend who was an RVN and she encouraged me to do the training because she knew how much I loved animals (she also knew how much I disliked making coffee everyday).  I never went to college following school so I had to do a 1 year access to science course before I applied for nurse training. 

How was your journey getting a nurse training position?

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the best feeling ever!

Which Nurse training College did you go to?

I went to the University of Bristol and studied Veterinary Nursing and Bioveterinary Science – I thought that learning the bioveterinary science element would help my nursing, it actually just confused me!  I didn’t take any extra responsibilities, just getting through the course was a massive achievement for me. I enjoyed most of my course, particularly the practical elements (iv always been a hands on person). I found anaesthesia particularly challenging but now that I’m qualified I absolutely love it.

What’s your interests aside from your professional life? 

I love coastal walks with my dog, the North coast is particularly special, it’s just so beautiful! I also have a huge passion for horse riding. I enjoy disappearing in my kayak for the day (when the weather allows for it) its so peaceful out on the water. I did my open water scuba diving a couple of years ago, however I am not brave enough to test the Cornish waters so this is something I try and do when on holiday only!

Do you have any pets currently? 

I have a New Zealand Huntaway called Bruce – he’s awesome!! He has the biggest personality and makes me smile every day, he helped me through some difficult times in life and I owe him so much. I also have a 2-year-old British sports horse. Her name is Tilly. I brought her when she was 10 months old, she had never had anything done with her, she was actually still feeding off her mum at 10 months old and had very little human contact. Training her is the most rewarding thin and she makes me so proud!

Why have you chosen to live in Cornwall? What makes this place special to you?

I grew up in Cornwall. I moved away for University, which was great, but coming home was so important. There is something special about Cornwall. The air, the people, the peacefulness.  As much as I enjoyed moving away for a couple of years, coming home was very important! I think I now appreciate Cornwall more because I’ve moved away.

Do you have any favourite walks, places to visit, restaurants, pubs in Cornwall?

Where to start with this question! I love exploring the north coast. St Agnes and Porthtowan are regular walks for Bruce! Carn Marth is another favourite spot, both the North and South coast can be seen from the same spot on a sunny day! I also love a good woodland walk, the rapids and Kennel Vale are always a favourite. I’m lucky to live walking distance from Smokey Joes – a weekend favourite! My local village pub is a popular place for me and my partner to be, good food, great atmosphere and I can have a few gins and not worry about getting home ☺

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