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Hello, I'm Sarah

Veterinary Surgeon

I'm so happy to be a part of Beacon VetCare. I truly missed working with Lizzy after her time at another Cornish practice, I am in awe of Colin’s skill, but most of all I like the kindness and support that shines through when you talk to them. Oh and the laughs, they resonate with my sense of humour.

Beacon VetCare is staffed by people who genuinely care about our clients and their pets. 

(Yes, another wonderful Sarah)

Vet Sarah is an incredibly caring and experienced member of our team.

- Childhood: Sarah is Cornish born and bred, she attended Bosvigo primary, then Truro High School on a scholarship (Sarah says she got the scholarship offer after lying on the floor playing with the head mistress's black Labrador during her interview!)

- University: Sarah studied at the Royal Veterinary College in London, and became a vet despite, or perhaps because of being told that "young ladies don't become vets". YES Sarah!

- Family: Sarah has 2 daughters, one has just finished a BA in acting and is applying for a Masters in musical theatre, and the other is the Head of Science at Penair School

- Pets: currently, Sarah has a rescue pug. However she has a real soft spot for Labradors and it's the first time she's been without one for over 30 years

- Hobbies: Sarah enjoys dog walking and eating cake with friends. Trelissick is among her favourite spots in Cornwall. She also does pilates

- Why BeaconVetcare?

The kindness and support that shines through when you talk to the staff.

Oh and also the laughs and team cameradery

Who has had the pleasure of meeting lovely Sarah since we opened?

Any fellow Labrador fans out there?

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