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Hello, I'm Luke

Veterinary Surgeon 

Veterinary surgeon Luke moved down to Cornwall with his fiancé Emily and they are loving it!

Here's a bit more about him...

- Role within Beacon Vetcare: I'm a community Veterinary Surgeon

- Clinical interests: Surgery is my passion but day-to-day my favourite thing is seeing animals get better and looking happier than when they came in!

- Veterinary icks: Cat poo

- Pets: incredibly cute border terrier, Nelly

- Hobbies: MMA, taekwondo, playing the guitar, and gaming with Nelly! Occasionally trying to surf too...

-Favourite film: Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

- Favourite things about Beacon are:

1) that we are independent

2) We are creating a very close-knit community for both staff and clients

3) Anything that helps the patient, we will do.

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