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Hello, I'm Lizzy

Veterinary Surgeon and Owner

I love that Beacon VetCare is at the heart of the community, and there is a clear emphasis on saying “yes” to helping animals.


Our clients at Beacon VetCare help to support a local, independent business, with a genuine interest in helping the pets of Cornwall. The team’s number one goal is to make poorly pets better, and we will always do our very best to make that happen.

Lizzy Whiting, veterinary surgeon. The boss, the general, the legend. Doer of difficult things; organiser extraordinaire, unstoppable force of energy. Leads by example- if it needs doing she will already be doing it, so come along and join in!


Deeply passionate about her profession, she has several favourite sheep in her flock at home (pictured with Chilly the lamb), Alf and Rose the terrier, Khan, Genghis, Papa and Guinness the cats.

She's a Certificate holder in both General Practice and Surgery, and an invited examiner for both the Liverpool University Surgery course; and the Royal College Clinical Quality Improvement body; a VetGDP mentor for younger veterinary surgeons, she's helped many colleagues with their first steps in practice over the years!


Married to fellow director Colin, they have two teenage children Kate and Phil - so in her spare time, you'll likely find her with her family, cheering on a rugby touchline or walking round Cornwall.

Coffee, Milk, No sugar.

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