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Hello, I'm Hannah

Registered Veterinary Nurse

​Beacon VetCare immediately felt like the right place for me. The role as an emergency and critical care nurse excites me as I am able to utilise my expertise in this area from my certificate studies.

I believe that Beacon VetCare stands out because our values bring genuinely good care to all of our patients, clients and staff. The member's club stands out from any other care plan I've heard of; an exceptionally good service. 

- Role in Beacon VetCare: Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN), but with a focus on Emergency and Critical Care. This means Hannah does a lot of night and weekend work, to ensure your pets can receive round-the-clock care

- Early life: Hannah was born and raised in North Yorkshire, and was lucky to always be surrounded by pets including dogs, cats and horses

- Education: A summer holiday work experience placement in a vets lead onto Hannah starting her veterinary nursing training. She studied at Askham Bryan College in North Yorkshire, and took the apprenticeship route, meaning she could learn on the job in a veterinary clinic, alongside attending college 2 days a week for the academic side

- Pets: a rescue dog named Maddy, who was previously terrified of everything, but is now a loyal and loving pet thanks to Hannah's care and patience. Also, 2 cats: Daisy who has 3 legs, and Rose who Hannah hand reared from a kitten

(Veterinary nurses very rarely have "normal" pets)!

- Hobbies: Hannah competes at national and occasionally international level in road cycling. She cycles for team Saint Piran, and devotes a huge amount of time to her training and competing. We are all mightily impressed!

- Favourite food: pizza

- Why BeaconVetcare?

* The excellent level of care given to the patients, clients and staff

* The Beaconeers monthly plan is unlike any other; and exceptionally good service

Not only does Hannah balance elite cycling with a full time vet nursing job, but she is also in the final stages of completing an advanced nursing qualification in Emergency and Critical Care (ECC). The quest for providing the very best care never stops!

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