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Hello, I'm Georgina

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Georgina is part of our excellent "front of house" team - always ready to meet and greet, answer phone calls, make sure clients and pets are comfortable in the waiting room, and deal with needy vets' administration issues (thanks guys )

... They do it all, always with a warm Beacon welcome

Here's a bit more about Georgina:

- School life: for the last 6 months of her school life, Georgina attended Newquay Tretherras school

- Family: Georgina has 3 children (who all live in Newquay) and is Nannie to 3 Grandsons, who keep her on her toes most weekends!

- Hobbies: long dog walks on the beach, with a pub stop on the way home of course

- Best part of the job: Meeting puppies and kittens, and watching them grow and change over the months

- Hard parts of the job: Being there for people during the hard times, like losing a pet. But knowing you have helped in some small way is rewarding at the same time

- What do you love about Beacon Vetcare:

* Being part of a friendly, motivated and passionate team

* Proving excellent service for the local community

Georgina is always smiling and ready to help!

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