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Hello, I'm Emma

Registered Veterinary Nurse

We are a very friendly team and have a passion to care for animals.  We want the clients to be reassured that when they come to us, we can provide the best care in a friendly environment which will help ease any anxiety they may have, and know that their beloved pets are getting the best care and attention.


- Role in Beacon VetCare: Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN), but more specifically an Emergency and Critical Care nurse. This means Emma does a lot of night and weekend work, because of course our pets don't choose convenient times of day or night to become unwell!

- Early life: Emma was born and raised on a farm in Camelford. Growing up she was very involved with milking cows, feeding the livestock, as well as caring for her family cats and dogs

- Education: Emma's love of animals drew her to a voluntary role on Saturday mornings in a local veterinary practice, and from there she started her Animal Nursing Assistant course, then Veterinary Nursing Diploma at Duchy College

- Pets: one black cat called Coco, who always looks angry even when she's not

- Hobbies: Emma is on the St Encoder Ladies Tug of War Team! She trains 1-2x per week, and attends local and national competitions

She is an active member of her St Columb Young Farmers Club

Emma also enjoys travelling and trying out the local cuisine

She recently went to Kos, Portugal and Tenerife

- Favourite food: crisps and dip (Emma's go-to to fuel her at tug of war events!)

- Veterinary icks: vomit and slobber

- Why BeaconVetcare?

* It is affordable and independently owned by a lovely family

* The team is friendly with a real passion to care for animals

Emma is fantastic at providing round-the-clock care to all our patients. 2am pain relief administration, 3am blood sampling, 4am emergency anaesthetic monitoring - it's all in a night's work! We also reckon the tug of war skills will come in handy if we have to lift any of our larger patients!

Rest assured that if you do need us, our 24/7 on-site emergency team are here any time of day of night, at our Summercourt clinic. Call on the usual number (Newquay or Summercourt) to reach the team.

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