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Hello, I'm Colin

Veterinary Surgeon and Owner

I love that Beacon VetCare is at the heart of the community, and there is a clear emphasis on saying “yes” to helping animals.


Our clients at Beacon VetCare help to support a local, independent business, with a genuine interest in helping the pets of Cornwall. The team’s number one goal is to make poorly pets better, and we will always do our very best to make that happen.

Colin. The other boss, the creator of the big ideas and talented Orthopaedic, Spinal and Soft Tissue Surgeon. With 26 years of experience, a Certificate and Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Surgery, Colin has been helping animals in Cornwall go back to leading happy, pain free lives since 2007.


He trained as a TPLO (advanced cruciate surgery) registered surgeon at Liverpool over 20years ago, and has now succesfully performed more than 2,000 procedures. He is an advocate of early detection/intervention and safe, bilateral surgery for early patient recuperation. His surgical referral caseload also regularly includes complex fracture repairs, articular, spinal and soft-tissue procedures.


He's published, lectured and taught on many topics, and is known within the profession as an extremely supportive practitioner and mentor. He sees his job not as a surgeon operating on animals but being part of a team fixing broken families, as he defines his role as "working with people, in the company of animals". All cases begin with an owner consultation, generally an artfully drawn procedure diagram, a clear explanation and kind understanding/question answering.

He says he has "brought together a collection of the very most wonderful, highly motivated and passionate professionals in all spheres of veterinary practice to Beacon VetCare, and I'm looking forward to working with them to enact the big dream".

He is a family man at heart, and loves nothing more than spending time with wife Lizzy, children Kate and Phil, and all their friends here in Cornwall.

Coffee (often!), Milk, No sugar.

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