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Hello, I'm Brynley

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Brynley mainly focuses on orthopaedic work, alongside surgeon Colin, but is experienced in all areas of nursing, and will turn her hand to anything!

Early life: Brynley is a self-proclaimed "Cornish maid", born and raised in Roche. She grew up on a farm with cows, chickens, pigs, goats, horses, geese and rabbits.

- Education: Brynley went to Poltair school, and initially thought she would become a PE teacher. However, after work experience in year 10 she decided to pursue a career in veterinary nursing (she didn't get the "don't work with animals or children" memo)

She studied veterinary nursing at Duchy college in Camborne.

- Veterinary icks: Cat enemas (there's no smell quite like it)

- Hobbies: the sea and countryside - paddle boarding, sea swimming, walking the dogs, cycling, horse riding, gardening and camping in the van

- Family: Brynley lives with her husband, son and daughter. She can often be found watching her daughter in dance recitals at Jason Thomas Performing Arts (which her dad owns) or getting soaked by the side of a football pitch supporting her son

- Pets: Demi (10 yo Dobermann with a blood clotting disorder, who Brynley hand-reared from a day old pup), Max (10yo Yorkshire terrier), Sadie (French bulldog x Boxer, who is the old lady and boss of the pack). Plus 2 cats: Cheshire (found as a 2 week old kitten in a scrap yard) and Lucifer (found in a bush freezing to death). What lucky pets to have found a home with Brynley!

Oh and she has some ducks, named Jeremy, Richard and James

- Why BeaconVetcare?

* Wanting to work for an independently run practice either local owners

* Providing gold standard veterinary care 24 hours a day

* Working with an awesome team

Brynley is an asset to our team, always smiling and brightens our day

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