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Hello, I'm Annette


Each patient is individual and you never quite know what to expect a routine appointment isn't  always straight forward, to be privileged to meet the owners and pets and work in a team who all share the same goals and values is very rewarding.

My Story

Early background 

I have always lived in Cornwall within what is known as the Clay area. I have lived in my current home for over 38 years in the village of Stenalees.Poltair school will always hold my biggest memories, the Headmaster Mr Archie Smith helped me with improving my handwriting, it is also where I met my husband. But the smells from the brewery next door were something you couldn't forget.

When and why did you first decide to work in a veterinary practice in your role?

I was already working in a Reception area but in Hotels, I wanted to be able to help and support clients more in an area where they needed empathy whilst also being able to meet and learn about their pets.

Was your role what you first expected, did anything surprise you or have a particular impact on you at first?

As a receptionist, I found that clients differed a lot in how they understood the Vet staff and how much they trusted us I learnt to treat each client individually and made sure to show empathy and understanding. 

Have you done any other jobs previously? 

I have had a varied career from caring to teaching assistant to reception. You are always learning in any job.

What’s your interests aside from your professional life? 

I enjoy visiting gardens, spending time with family. Home baking. 

Any local connections?


Husband plays lawn bowls for Stenalees and for Cornwall 

Tell us about your pets?

We only have 3 fish at the moment two of them are very big koi. 

Why have you chosen to live in Cornwall? What makes this place special to you?


Generations of mine and my husbands families have been born in Cornwall most of the important people in our lives are close by. 

Favourite walks, places to visit, restaurant, pubs in Cornwall?

I live near the clay trails so have ome beautiful walks on my doorstep. Heligan is lovely, and the  Japanese Garden in spring is beautiful 

Why have you chosen to work at Beacon VetCare?

Colin and Lizzy are building a strong Independent Vet business allowing them to offer a fixed fee to their clients, every member of staff is committed and excited to be part of this journey and I am proud to have been offered the opportunity to help bring Beacon VetCare to the local community.

Why do you think owners should choose to register their pets and join Beacon VetCare?

Beacon Vetcare are an independent family run business by two very respected Vets in the heart of Cornwall, they will always  aim to be fair, and transparent. The Pet Healthcare plan has many benefits I've never seen in a plan before. 

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